origins of a northwest gas safety legacy

Ellesmere was founded by the movement of innovation and technology

Our company origins go way back to the 1940's amidst the technological revolution, when skyscrapers were donning the skylines of rapidly expanding cities and technology was achieving ground-breaking changes to the modern world.

The technological revolution spawned a new age and era in the history of Great Britain, Ellesmere was founded by some like-minded engineers and the next few decades changed the future of the company. As the demand and affordability for modern technological advances grew so did the demand for heating and cooling.

Modern heating systems and refrigeration dawned a new age for society, changing the industrial world, domestic properties and hygiene, not forgetting food storage and consumption. The way we live has been dramatically influenced by the development of heating & cooling systems and Ellesmere's legacy has been supplying the demand for the latest technology through-out the North West of England for decades.

As technology has advanced, so has heating & cooling, carbon footprint and the impact we have on our environment is now at the forefront of modern systems. Ellesmere has always installed and maintained the latest heating & cooling systems on the market and continues to do so.

As times changed and the industry evolved, inevitably so did the company and early in 2018 the bold move to evolve the company again was undertaken and Ellesmere was overhauled, re-branded and brought forward into the 21st century. A new era for a business that walked through many ages of technological evolution but remains proud at the forefront of the industry delivering the same quality service it always has. Under a revised name, identity and brand but upholds the same company ethos that spawned the original company so many decades ago. Times have changed, technology has moved forward and the field of supply & demand has developed dramatically in the fast paced world we live in, to step into very big shoes companies have to learn to adjust and change with their industries and work within it to help it evolve, and so we did...and here we are, Ellesmere, delivering a quality service as we always have.
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