Restaurant Gas Safety Service & Maintenance in Manchester

restaurant boiler broken? no heating or cooling system?

When was it last tested? 

It's all fine when it's working or when we have had a hot summer and all we have used is air-con or the cooling system, but what happens when winter comes and we ask our system to heat and it's not been tested?

Often we see problems with industrial heating & cooling systems and this can be a real nightmare. Regular servicing, maintenance & testing ensures your systems work all year round.

Impact on your business

No heating or cooling depending on your business environment requirements can have an incredible effect on your business and costs the UK business owners millions of pounds a year where companies have had to shut doors while waiting for an engineer to fix their HVAC.

Why take the risk, it's not a case of "if" but "when" it happens and it's almost always when you least expect it.


Ensuring your systems are regularly checked and tested is a no brainer for any business. Having an engineer visit your site to inspect, test and maintain your system not only prevents the inevitable but often prolongs the life span of your HVAC system saving you time and money down the line, and keeps your customers happy which means they're spending money with you all year round.

Are we really available 365 days a year?

Your Restaurant is a place your regular customers love and enjoy returning to time and time again, as long as the service is on point. The impression you make to first time customers is even more important, as we all know customers pay the bills. Birthday parties and special occasions are often celebrated at our favorite restaurant, pre-booked and create great memories.

Knowing that you have cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by trained professional HVAC engineers is not just peace of mind, but also smart business. Losing customers, especially regulars all because of a failed HVAC system could have a huge impact on your regular income.

Is it cost effective?

Ask yourself that question again, would you prefer to pay a simple monthly servicing fee or face the potential headache of coming in one day and having an overheated, muggy restaurant where customers were uncomfortable and unable to eat food or even feel like it, we've all been there, starving but so hot you lose your appetite. Or sitting in a freezing cold room all dressed up but the kids are complaining their freezing or the wife has to wear her coat because she's freezing in her dress!

An emergency call out and HVAC repairs to any company in the middle of the night, lat alone the day, is costly and a failed component could run into the thousands. Service & Maintenance contracts cover you financially in more ways than one, you do the math.


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